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Highly skilled designers and marketing strategists

Designovator [dih-zahyn-uh-vey-ter]: Noun.

The Heart & Soul of RedFork Express

Designovators by definition are designers and innovators in the same. As such, we work hard to explore everything about your business so that we are able to create relevant and engaging marketable content for your brand. We take pride in making materials that not only support your brand, but also stretch the boundaries of what most perceive to be possible. We are constantly coming up with new and exciting strategies so that you can stand on top.

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Sondra De Luca
Creative Director

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Dave Diaz
Marketing Director

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Daniel Aharon
Content Director

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Arthur Goodman
Operations Manager


Ashley Rivera-Lantz
Content Creator

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Cat Remaks
Sales Rep

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Jordanne Rowe
Graphic Designer

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